Felting is one of the oldest types of textile handwork. With hands, water and soap raw wool fiber becomes felted into archaic and delicate objects.

The textile designer Karin Wagner from Basel is a pioneer in the artistic processing of wool. In 1998 in her studio in Basel, during a period of inspiration and experimentation, Karin developed her first flower ring. Since then her harsh and yet still feminine flower creations of the Swiss designer have decorated the world.

Her work is loved and worn from Japan to Europe and across the USA. Karin Wagner’s disturbingly beautiful and luxurious creations feed the desire for the sense of reality and the authentic; these exude the exclusive charm of a piece of jewelry being that it exists but once on this world.

Whether puristic in current designer trends or irritating close to the unsurpassed beauty of nature; the beauty of Karin Wagner’s creations come to fruition when worn.